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Media Concept Group
Managing Director Media Concept Schweiz AG

“It was our objective to offer high quality and comprehensive marketing, design and printing services across Europe”

On the 1st of June 2018 the partner network Media Concept Group has been established. The “founding fathers” are Mastertag (United States of America) Agentur Schanda (Austria and former Crown States), Hortipak (UK and Ireland), Gregg Marketing (Germany), Media Concept Switzerland AG (Switzerland) and the international NOVA Graphic library.

“It is our objective to offer high quality and comprehensive marketing, design and printing services across Europe and beyond,” says Ralf Benger (owner of Media Concept Switzerland) about the initiative to establish Media Concept Group.

James Buffoni (Managing Director of Hortipak - the UK’s leading company for horticultural communication) emphasises: “We want to support our customers internationally by guaranteeing them the same high service-level wherever they are based. This is achievable by being a part of an innovative group that can collaborate effectively across Europe and the United States”.

This leading botanical image library owned by NOVA Graphic in Vienna supports the network as a strong partner. “We are delighted that most members of the Media Concept Group network are using our library images. Our long-term partnership is of mutual benefit - projects around Europe will help to develop the image archive further” says Rudolf Schanda (owner of NOVA Graphic).

Multi-national customers in particular can be served with high level marketing advice, target-orientated design concepts and a broad portfolio of products such as labelling, packaging, POS-solutions and online-services. This service can now be offered across Europe and North America.

“The period around the HTA National Plant Show is the starting point of this unique service offer, but we are intending to add more geographical areas and partners in the future,” says Robert Wacker (Managing Director of Media Concept Switzerland) regarding the ambition of this new internationally acting group.

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  • MasterTag
  • Hortipak
  • Gregg Marketing AG
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Robert Wacker
Managing Director Media Concept Schweiz AG
Robert Wacker has been working in the green industry since 1980. For 20 years, he has been developing marketing and sales concepts for breeders, producers and retailers. As Managing Director of Media Concept Schweiz AG, he regularly writes articles for this blog.