Flexible labelling for plant producers

Flexible labelling for plant producers
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The speed of supply chains has become more and more important within the last years regarding all sectors of industry and trading. This development also hit the green market. Garden centers, building stores and grocers expect labeled plants. This is no problem when you have enough time in advance. But what happens if you have delivery times of less than 24 hours? You have to generate labels for pricing and product information yourself – usually with thermotransfer printers. Please read about the different opportunities within this text.

Cut sticklabels in different colours can be individually inscribed by yourself or we imprint your logo and name directly. Thermotransfer sticklabels and strap labels are suitable for machined printing. Optionally we can deliver strap labels with tear-off parts. Our Multicran labels are similar to the strap labels but include spikes for tightening them on trunks and branches.

Furthermore, you find thermotransfer-adhesive labels on rolls and thermotransfer signs in our online-shop. Thermotransfer signs have a sensor notch in the middle or sidewards and therefore fit your TT-printer. Optionally we can imprint your logo.

Laser strap labels
Laser strap labels are made of heat-resistant PET foil and are suitbale for laser printing. Here we can also imprint your logo or other graphics if you like.

Tyvek labels, cross section labels and more
Tyvek strap labels can be found in our portfolio as well. They are made of tear-resistant, weatherproof material and are optimal for any matrix printer. You can order these labels in different sizes with strap cutting or as stripe. Ideal for labeling christmas trees. Cross section labels find favor with breeders etc. for labeling the experiments and samples on fields. Furthermore, hanging labels with rustproof metallic lugs and galvanized wire are available. They are weatherproof, tear-resistant and water-repellent.

Besides that you find plastic stand labels for self inscription, sticks for labels and different material for inscription, pincers and clamps in our online shop.

You can receive all these products in our online-shop. Next to the different printing materials and equipment for automatic handling you find picture labels for vegetables & herbs, fruits and perennials in our online shop.
Check it out for more details: http://gregg.pflanzen-marketing.de/druckmaterial-zubehoer/


Luisa Gregg
Sales and Marketing
After graduating from International Business & Management, Luisa Gregg has deepened her knowledge of marketing activities and has been responsible for brand management in the green industry since then. Since March 2016 she has worked at Gregg Marketing as sales and marketing manager and writes regular contributions to this blog.