Innovative label solutions – practical examples

Innovative label solutions – practical examples
Creative Director Hortipak

Adding labels to plants has been a pre-requisite for growers and retailers in the UK for decades now. Approximately 15 years ago the majority of the growers and retailers in Europe discovered the advantages of this pivotal part of plant promotion. In the early days ‘straight forward’ designs and shapes were used (as shown in our header picture) with the labels being stuck simply into the soil.

Nowadays innovation is needed to differentiate in the market place. Leading growers are working with the Media Concept Group in order to gain more attention and sales success for their plants. In this blog Phil Mabon reports about innovative developments at Hortipak, the leading communication company in the green industry in the UK and Ireland and a Media Concept Group member.

Integrated Clematis label
Exclusively designed for a UK Clematis grower, this integrated label attaches via the lock in slot in the pot and hooks over the cane protector to deliver a uniform branded presentation on the retail benches.
Advantages for the grower are that they have a large image and information print area, are easy fit and give a clean, consistent appearance across their entire range.


Self Tie Hanging Tag
Initially designed as a stock shape, this one piece tag has been designed to negate the need for the additional production process of adding elastic ties. Easy to fit, the label is suitable for use on hanging baskets, climbers and trees.
Advantages for the user are speed of application, uniformity of product presentation and price. The system cuts out any significant movement from wind ensuring it is always customer facing as intended.

hanging tag

Re-use Tree Tag
This label encourages re-use by the consumer prior to recycling. This new tree label is designed to be used post purchase to secure young trees to the stake and promote strength within the trunk. The built in locking system allows the tie to break away rather than dig in to the trunk.

tree tag

All of these Hortipak labels are produced on recyclable polypropylene.


Phil Mabon
Creative Director Hortipak
Phil Mabon has been a creative professional in the horticultural industry for 15 years, developing labeling, POS and packaging products for growers and retailers. As Creative Director for Hortipak in the UK, he regularly writes articles for this blog.

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