10 Easy SEO Tips

10 Easy SEO Tips
Head of Marketing & Sales, Digital Media

Nowadays, a website that can not be found on Google does not exist today. A well structured and coherent SEO concept ist essential to have success with your website. Therefore: Here are 10 simple tips that everyone can immediately apply to improve one's search engine ranking.


1. Regional websites need regional domains
For regional companies that rely on local customers, country-specific endings like .cg, .de or .fr are a must. The incumbent .com lost quite a bit of relevance for such applications.

2. Add a title and description to each page
Make sure that all your pages have a meaningful title and description, that best describe the content on the page.

3. Content is gold, Keywords are silver
The saying "content is king" is a favourite of every SEO expert. You should therefore make sure to offer quality content, that provides added value to your readers. Just add some relevant keywords and you have the recipe for good optimised content.

4. Avoid duplicate content
Duplicate Content gets penalised by search engines. Try avoid repeating yourself or identical text passages. The same address in the footer and on the contact page is OK. However, several identical product descriptions are a no-go.

5. Image descriptions
If you add a brief description to the images on your website, you help search engines to classify the image and understand their context better. As an important bonus, you help visually challenged visitors to navigate your site better.

6. Generate backlinks
An important factor for the search engine rank of a website is the number of external links that point to that page. You can influence these so-called "backlinks": Just link your content on social networks such as Facebook or external sites.

7. Internal links
Just as external links can contribute to your page rank, internal links can also be very useful. Try to create links to subpages or link content relevant to your blog posts.

8. Mobile-friendly layout
A layout optimised for mobile devices can be of great use not only for your visitors but also for your search engine ranking. Google evaluates so-called "mobile-friendly" websites and prefers websites that are optimised for smartphones.

Test your site now: Google Test for mobile optimisation

9. Search Console
Not all sites are indexed and categorised by Google as you intended. Google's Search Console can help you out here. Using the search console you can trigger the indexing of your page and more importantly: somewhat control it.

10. SEO Tools
You are not sure how your website performs? You can use these free tools to analyse it and improve:

If you follow these 10 easy SEO tips, your search engine ranking will improve. Guaranteed!

Do you need help with backlinks, Search Console & Co? We would love to help you out. Just contact us! We look forward to it.


Christian Schuler
Head of Marketing & Sales, Digital Media
Christian Schuler holds a bachelor`s degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and has been working on this topic for over 25 years. With his master`s degree in Sales and Marketing he complements this knowledge optimally for today`s market challenges. After studying, he worked for a long time in software development. He then became the managing director of a retail company and a trading and sales company. Today, customers at the Media Concept Group benefit from these years of experience. He shares his knowledge on this blog.

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